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Solutions for Converged IT/OT Security Understand and reduce risk in converged IT/OT environments


Convergence of Operational Technology (OT) and IT systems can optimize production, drive innovation and increase sustainability. However, it can also increase your attack surface by providing even more access points for bad actors to enter your network and disrupt operations. Without complete visibility into all of your assets and their vulnerabilities, you have no way to monitor and measure your overall cyber risk.


原文:保障工业控制系统安全 - 2017,SANS 协会

Converge Cyber Exposure Visibility

A converged IT/OT solution provides a holistic view of exposure to better assess risk across digitization initiatives. Interactive dashboards and reports display status so you can understand your complete attack surface. By centralizing visibility of OT assets, IT-based assets in OT environments and IT systems you eliminate blind spots, reducing potential exploits, downtime and safety risk.

Identify And Assess The Entire Attack Surface

All security frameworks and compliance standards prescribe asset discovery and vulnerability assessment as the foundation of a strong security program. Continuous monitoring identifies new assets as soon as they become active on the network so you can determine if they are authorized and take corrective action if they are not.

Optimize Use of Active and Passive Technologies for OT And IT

Tenable passive and active solutions provide unmatched visibility of converged attack surfaces so your cybersecurity teams can understand and reduce risk. Patented passive monitoring enables you to safely discover and assess IT, OT, and Industrial IoT systems, without the risk of degrading or disrupting sensitive devices. Active scanning or agents can be configured to assess only those systems known to be compatible. Smart Scanning actively scans IT devices, but stops scanning ICS/SCADA devices when they are encountered.

Leverage the Tenable Technology Ecosystem

Streamline existing processes by integrating Tenable solutions with technologies you are using today from leading IT service management and SIEM vendors. Rely on Siemens expertise to deploy Tenable solutions in energy, utilities and oil & gas organizations.

Industrial Security 赢得 2018 年网络安全卓越大奖

Tenable 的 Industrial Security 在 2018 年网络安全卓越大奖评选中荣获 ICS/SCADA 安全类的铜奖


Tenable 与 Siemens 合作,保障关键基础设施的安全

组织一般对自身在何处面临最大风险浑然不知,而 Tenable 与 Siemens 的合作有助于解决这一难题。



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Nessus® 是当今市场上功能最全面的漏洞扫描器。Nessus Professional 可帮助自动化漏洞扫描流程、节省合规周期的时间,并让您调动起 IT 团队的积极性。

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Nessus® 是当今市场上功能最全面的漏洞扫描器。Nessus Professional 可帮助自动化漏洞扫描流程、节省合规周期的时间,并让您调动起 IT 团队的积极性。


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完整享有专为现代化应用程序而设、属于 Tenable.io 平台组成部分的最新 Web 应用程序扫描功能。可安全扫描全部在线资产的漏洞,具有高度准确性,而且无需繁重的手动操作或中断关键的 Web 应用程序。 立即注册并在 60 秒内运行第一次扫描。

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试用 Tenable.io Container Security

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完整获得已集成至漏洞管理平台之唯一容器安全产品的功能。监控容器映像中的漏洞、恶意软件和策略违规。与持续集成和持续部署 (CI/CD) 系统进行整合,以支持 DevOps 实践、增强安全性并支持企业政策合规。

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Tenable.io Container Security 经由与构建流程的集成,可供全面了解容器映像的安全性,包括漏洞、恶意软件和策略违规,借以无缝且安全地启用 DevOps 流程。

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