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The Tenable™ Assure Partner Program rewards the investments our valued reseller and distributor partners make in Tenable, while helping our partners build a predictable annuity stream of renewals.Together, we are committed to protecting organizations of all sizes with industry-leading solutions designed to help understand, manage and reduce cyber risk.

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Tenable Partner Benefits Diagram

“We’re investing in our partners to help them remain competitive in a market that is rapidly evolving and together we’re building a world-class revenue-generating machine.” John Negron, Chief Revenue Officer at Tenable Read the Article

Flexibility to Support Your Business

Our multi-tiered partner program is designed to remain flexible to support your business model and needs today – and tomorrow.Each partnership level offers rewards and incentives based on meeting certain criteria.And as you grow, we’ll grow with you!

Platinum Partner

Platinum partners employ at least four certified sales people and four certified engineers, with a proven track record of delivering complex projects involving multi-vendor integration for enterprise organizations.

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Silver Partner

Silver partners employ at least one certified sales person and one certified engineer who understands how to design and install the range of Tenable solutions.Silver partners are often local and tend to specialize in one solution area or a specific market.

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Gold Partner

Gold partners employ at least two certified sales people and two certified engineers.Gold partners typically work with larger organizations across a wider geographic area and support multiple solution areas.

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To find an authorized reseller or distributor near you:

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