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Public Sector


Mission Critical Cybersecurity Solutions for
Federal, State and Local Governments


Tenable solutions enable federal, state, and local government agencies, and the system integrators that support them, to effectively manage risk and reduce the attack surface by identifying, monitoring, and prioritizing vulnerabilities across the entire network — including on-premises, cloud, mobile and virtual environments.  Tenable solutions are also essential for protecting critical infrastructure and related Operational Technology.

Spotlight On

Tenable solutions for the U.S. Federal Government



SecurityCenter Continuous View® (SecurityCenter CV™) enables government agencies to discover, assess and automate compliance and audit reporting to help them mitigate vulnerabilities in their computing infrastructure.Agencies can automate audit processes to establish and demonstrate compliance with HIPAA, PCI DSS, FISMA, Federal IRS Publication 1075, CJIS security policy and many other regulations.

Enhance Laptop and Mobile Device Security

SecurityCenter CV provides government agencies with the visibility and critical context they need to mitigate the risks introduced by laptops, mobile and BYOD (bring your own devices).It uses active scanning, agents, and passive network monitoring to discover and assess laptop vulnerabilities, find rogue mobile devices on the network, identify policy violations and user productivity drains.Integrated with mobile device management (MDM) solutions, SC CV assesses the possibilities of exposure, and loss resulting from such transient mobile devices.


使用 ICS(工业控制系统)及 SCADA(监控和数据采集)系统的组织必须保护自身免受快速增长的威胁和网络攻击的影响,同时维持对严格法规要求的合规性。通过发现并持续监控漏洞风险与威胁,以及 ICS 和 SCADA 系统合规和安全问题,Tenable 解决方案可帮助确保关键基础设施的安全。要获取更多信息或下载有关 SCADA 网络安全监控的白皮书,请单击此处



美国国家标准与技术协会 (NIST) 要求联邦机构实施持续监控和基于风险的决策。SecurityCenter CV 是引领市场的持续监控平台,利用行业公认的算法和模式,提供检测、报告和模式识别的独特组合。

DISA(美国国防信息安全局)选择 Tenable 作为 DoD(国防部)的 ACAS(有保证的合规评估解决方案)

To learn more about U.S. Federal Government solutions:
Visit the U.S. Federal webpage

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A security shared services model streamlines operations and reduces costs, while reducing risk and enhancing compliance with security guidelines, controls and regulations.SecurityCenter CV enables shared services for vulnerability and compliance management with role-based access, user-based modeling and reporting, asset grouping and built-in analytics and automation capabilities.

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Comply With CJIS & FTI Standards

Many state and local government agencies are required to comply with the CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Services) and FTI (Federal Taxpayer Information) standards in order to handle sensitive information.SecurityCenter CV 可全面掌控网络,以便协助发现、评估和报告,这样机构就能采取行动来管理风险并确保对 CJIS 和 FTI 标准的合规性。



互联网安全中心和网络安全委员会与 NGA(全国州长协会)州长国土安全顾问委员会一起发布了称为“网络卫生运动”的安全意识倡议。通过执行持续监控,SecurityCenter CV 具有独特的优势,可帮助满足该活动的前五个优先事项,实现更安全的网络状况。


Selected by City of San Diego, California

Learn how the City of San Diego, California applied Tenable technology across its 24 networks and 40 municipal departments.


Health Direct - Australia

HealthDirect Australia, a public company limited by shares, delivers comprehensive health services wholly or jointly funded by federal, state and territory governments.To provide its services, HealthDirect Australia contracts directly with health providers, developing and managing governance structures to ensure all services are provided competently and safely.


Focus on the government

Many new emerging legislative initiatives focus on cybersecurity, sharing vulnerability information and notifying the public when a breach occurs.These have impact to all levels of government — from country/national to state/provincial and local levels.

Tenable 可如何提供帮助

SecurityCenter Continuous View® 可持续提供最全面且最完整的网络运行状况综览:

  • 真正的持续监控及全面安全可视和可操作的洞察,帮助您持续调整和改善安全及合规状况
  • 收集多个传感器的数据,提供漏洞风险、威胁、网络流量和事件的高级分析
  • Pre-built, customizable dashboards, reports and Assurance Report Cards® to visualize, measure, analyze and communicate security program effectiveness


The world’s most widely deployed vulnerability scanner, in a version for government purchasers only:

  • 功能包括快速资产发现、配置审核、目标分析、恶意软件检测以及敏感数据发现及其他功能
  • Supports more technologies than competitive solutions, scanning operating systems, network devices, next generation firewalls, hypervisors, databases, web servers and critical infrastructure for vulnerabilities, threats and compliance violations
  • 可作为云环境和内部漏洞风险扫描工具及管理解决方案



  • 通过持续主机发现、无需凭据的有效扫描、连接跟踪以及信任关系识别对传统的 Nessus® 主动扫描进行补充
  • Continuous vulnerability detection on devices, applications and communicating systems
  • 实时网络监控和深入的数据包检查以消除盲点