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The Tenable certification program delivers Cyber Exposure education based on partner role.Our curriculum targets sales and technical staff with the training required for success in every step of the customer lifecycle.Employing a mix of online videos, live demonstrations, and side-by-side shadowing, the program establishes a new standard for expertise in the emerging field of Cyber Exposure.

Download Tenable Certification Overview

Certified Sales Associate

Prepares partner associates to qualify, position, and propose an effective Cyber Exposure solution.This learning path focuses on the Tenable.io platform, ensuring partner salespeople are well equipped to support customer demand.

Certified Pre-Sales Engineer

Prepares the sales engineer to whiteboard and design, demonstrate, conduct proof of value, implement, and integrate the Tenable.io platform.Coursework includes live coaching from Tenable engineers.This certification recognizes multiple “Stages” of expertise, reserving Tenable Guardian for the most dedicated engineers.

Certified Quick Start Implementation Engineer

Prepares partner engineers to implement the Tenable.io platform and associated modules.Coursework includes hands-on collaboration with Tenable experts.

Certified Managed Security Service Practice (MSSP) Engineer

Expected in 2018年6月.Prepares partner engineers to integrate the Tenable.io platform with other security products, using the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Software Developers Kit (SDK) provided by Tenable.

Start Training Today

Simply log onto Tenable University for Partners to access our free, self-driven training catalog and certification exams.Technical certifications also require live demonstrations and/or side by side shadowing to validate expertise.Credentials are valid for two years from the date of completion.

Tenable University for Partners
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享受现代、基于云的漏洞风险管理平台的完整权限,可让您以无与伦比的精确度查看和跟踪所有资产。立即注册并在 60 秒钟内运行第一次扫描。

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Nessus® 是当今市面上最全面的漏洞风险扫描工具。Nessus Professional 可帮助自动化漏洞风险扫描过程,节省合规周期的时间,并可让您提升 IT 团队敬业度。