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Digital transformation – new vectors for growth, new vectors for risk.With every new platform and approach – IoT, cloud, mobile, DevOps – your modern attack surface is exploding.How can you see and understand the full cyber risk across your enterprise?

The answer:Cyber Exposure.

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Cyber Exposure for Dummies

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Managing cyber risk – the new mandate from the corner office

The stakes have never been higher for understanding cyber risk, and the challenges never more daunting.The expanding attack surface has given rise to an unrelenting barrage of vulnerabilities, making it harder to see the few that matter most.

CISOs are being asked to quantify the organization’s cyber risk and compare it to industry peers, yet lack an effective way to measure and communicate this data to the CEO and Board.Organizations struggle at every step – seeing their assets, detecting weaknesses, measuring risk, and comparing to peers – preventing them from confidently managing and reducing cyber risk.

It's time for change.欢迎来到现代Cyber Exposure的时代。

Cybersecurity is one of the top 5 concerns for directors of public companies.

(2017–2018 NACD Public Company Governance Survey)

Cyber Exposure.See and quantify risk in today’s digital world.

With Cyber Exposure, an emerging discipline for measuring and managing cyber risk across the modern attack surface, you’ll have a live view into your entire enterprise – endpoints, servers, applications, containers, cloud workloads, IoT devices and even operational technology like industrial control systems.Cyber Exposure arms you with the visibility and insight to confidently answer three critical questions at all times:

icon-ce-one Where are we exposed?

icon-ce-two Where should we prioritize based on risk?

How are we reducing exposure over time?

Where are we exposed?

This month, we’ll focus on answering the first question since visibility is the very foundation of Cyber Exposure.

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